Friday, August 26, 2011

7 facts abt me

7 facts about me:

1. i'm not talkative i'm silent as silence is golden rite :P
2. am friendly to my family,siblings and closed frenzzzsss
3. am a good listener too
4. rare to see me smile n LOL :p
5. i love pink,purple,white and yellow :)
6. are so protective to my siblings too
7. i love books and mags coz i love reading.

7 valuables 'thing' for me :

1. MY DEAR ( the one and only MY SOULMATE )
2. family n siblings
3. my  future homesweethome
4. my car and current car and next2 in d future
5. mr.d & mr.LT ( our fav things at home :P ) 
6. all the gifts and love letters from my dear
7. my blog of coz ;)

7 enjoyable/'dreamable' thing for me :

1. our own doters n sons
2. overseas trip
3. my black n white theme
4. get promoted hihi
5. big cars in d future
6. more happiness in life together forever
7. healthy lifestyle

7 first time in my lyfe :

1. stay at itm's hostel, a bit scary at first,but later syiok ;)
2. i got japanese frenz during primary school and speaks english with her and from that i love english :)
3. my 1st handset is alcatel ,yellow colour :P
4. been wif grandparents from std 1 until 6 and am their beloved grand daughter ever ;)
5. got my own car at 25 years old
6. got SA at std 1 and he asked me to get married when we're young,i still remember his name until now :P

7. my 1st BFF
7 things that make me sad :

1. arrogant ppl
2. hot tempered ppl
3. ppl who bzbody wif others stuff
4. hypocrite ppl
5. when my beloved ones got sick
6. missing my soulmate deeply when away
7. looking at others ppl diff life

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


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